Best Programming Languages for Web Developers

Best Programming Languages for Web Developers

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The technology is progressing with every passing year and months. The competition has become extreme among different technologies in the business market and it has ended up troublesome for them to remain at the top position. That is the reason web developers, other programmers are in great demand nowadays, and the reason is they have extraordinary technical skills and programming knowledge. Today a huge number of programming languages is currently accessible for the developers to learn and develop considerably even more high-level solutions. Web design Kerala offers different programming languages to develop different web sites.

Below you can discover top some mostly used programming languages of 2015, which you can use to build your application.


PHP is a very popular scripting language. Most of web developers use PHP to enhance the functions and appearance of web sites. Generally, PHP is used to create dynamic pages. It is very easy to use and it includes simple format and structures. The most significant feature of PHP is that it can support wide range of databases. Web design kerala uses PHP as their platform. They are giving the best PHP web development services.


Java is a standout among the most famous programming language used to make Web applications and software. It allows adaptability, permitting designers to write code that would run on any machine, paying little mind to building design or stage. Java uses native English like syntax, which make the beginner to learn this language easily. Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by James goose and colleagues at Sun Microsystems in early 1990.It is meant to let application developers “write once, run anywhere” ,ie the compiled Java can be run on all platforms that support java. Main advantage of Java is portability , that means programs in Java can be run on other operating system with run time support. This process is achieved by Java bytecode.


With the increasing popularity of world wide web, the usage of Perl is blow up. The CGI, Common Gateway Interface passes data from web server to another program. Perl is designed mainly for CGI programming. Perl is a highly capable and fully featured programming language.

ASP .Net

ASP .NET is a Microsoft product and is designed to create web pages and web technologies. ASP.NET is very efficient tool for the programmers to build dynamic websites and web applications. It is a server sire scripting language.

Choosing the best programming language relies upon your language experience and the extent of the application you are building. While small applications are normally create using single language, it is not significant to develop wide applications using various programming languages.


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